MOO. Maine Milk. Maine Cows. Maine Families.

Why do I MOO?
Or as my mom would say "whatcha MOOing for?"

Maine's Own Organic Milk Company produces high quality organic milk. We are dedicated to keeping organic family farms across Maine in business. The farms that produce our milk share ownership in the company.   90% of our profits from every half gallon are returned to them, and their cows. (To be honest, the cows prefer clover to cash.)

Our Mission is to provide Maine-produced, Maine-processed, and Maine-labeled organic milk to local grocery stores across the state.  It's fresh because its local, and its local because it comes from real Maine farm families. (Some of these families are on their 9th generation of farmers!) We have farms all over the state.  From Aroostook county, all they way down to Turner, Maine. The milk is picked up and brought to good ol' Westbrook, Maine. There it is processed at another local family business, Smiling Hill Farms. You can help keep MOO going by purchasing MOO milk at your local store.  If you don't see MOOMilk where you shop, please ask for us by name!

By being a Maine product, that is produced and processed here in our home state, we feel good about our MOO.  Having so many farm families all over the state means that MOO comes from a farm near YOU.
MOO Milk is available in half gallon paper cartons.  We have organic whole, 2%, 1% and skim.  It is homogenized and pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized (A process that uses extreme HEAT that might kill the bad stuff, but also kills some of that good stuff too). Cream, half & half, butter, yogurt, ice cream and other products may become available in the coming year.

I will be doing a post about each farm, and updating you all on MOO news, interviews and things about the MOOvie (yeah that's right, a movie about MOO!)  Hopefully I will keep you informed and make you smile.

Keep it Local,
Keep it Fresh

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